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November 15 is America Recycles Day. In recognition of this special occasion, we are pleased to introduce the Trash Matcher. Click on the type of waste materials listed to quickly find the art/recycling activities which call for them.

Solid Waste Art Activities
Acrylic sheets Cool School Tools
Aluminum cans Can characters
Aluminum foil Wrapping paper and containers
Aluminum foil Illustrate a Word
Baskets Wrapping paper and containers
Beads Artist Trading Cards
Beads Illustrate a Word
Beads Jewelry
Beads Christmas Ornament 2000
Bed Sheet Painting
Bicycle inner tube Scarecrow
Bottle caps Illustrate a Word
Boxes Cool School Tools
Brochures Valentine
Brochures Picture file
Brochures Vacation collage
Brown bag Papier mache bowl
Brown grocery bag Cool School Tools
Brown grocery bag Artist Trading Cards
Brown grocery bag Drawing portraits
Brown paper bag Christmas tree ornament
Brown sack Wrapping paper and containers
Buttons Can characters
Buttons Artist Trading Cards
Buttons Mask
Calendar illustrations Paper resources
Calendar pictures Picture file
Calendar pictures Artist Trading Cards
Calendar pictures Illustrate a Word
Calendar pictures Bookmarks
Calendars Vacation collage
Card stock scraps Cast paper valentine
Card stock scraps Artist Trading Cards
Cardboard Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Cardboard Can characters
Cardboard Kite making
Cardboard Illustrate a Word
Cardboard Butterfly mobile
Cardboard Bookcraft
Cardboard Christmas Ornament 2000
Cardboard box Picture file
Cardboard box Paper resources
Cardboard tubes Wrapping paper and containers
Cardboard tubes Dinosaur model
Cardboard tubes Rain stick
CD Jewel Case Travel Capsule
Cereal carton Christmas tree ornament
Clothes pin Clothespin Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Clothes pin Butterfly mobile
Coat hangers (wire) Dinosaur model
Coat hangers (wire) Butterfly mobile
Colored Comic Pages Mail Art
Colored Comic Pages Artist Trading Cards
Colored Comic Pages Journal
Colored Comic Pages Bookmarks
Colored Comic Pages Mail Art
Construction paper Mask
Construction paper Wrapping paper and containers
Construction paper Christmas tree ornament
Construction paper Valentine mailbox
Construction paper Valentine
Construction paper Easter Bunny collage
Construction paper Christmas tree ornament
Construction paper Cast paper valentine
Construction paper Printmaking
Construction Paper Scarecrow
Copy paper Black History Month postage stamp
Corrugated cardboard America the Beautiful? collage
Corrugated cardboard Dinosaur sculpture
Corrugated cardboard Landfill Model (Trash Pizza)
Cotton Christmas tree ornament
Cotton Illustrate a Word
Crayon (scraps) Flat Stanley Project
Crayon (scraps) Journal
Decorative paperscraps Cast paper valentine
Dispenser (mustard) Painting
Dowel rod Christmas tree ornament
Dowel rod Rain stick
Dowel rod Papier mache tray
Dowel rod scraps Papier mache bowl
Dowel rods Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Dowel rods Box making
Dowel rods Scarecrow
Dried flowers Christmas tree ornament
Dried Markers Flat Stanley Project
Dried Markers Journal
Dryer Sheets Flat Stanley Project
Dryer Sheets Journal
Egg cartons Valentine
Egg cartons Illustrate a Word
Egg cartons Papier mache
Envelopes Valentine
Envelopes Rubber stamping
Envelopes (preconsumer waste) Mail Art
Envelopes Cool School Tools
Envelopes (junk mail) Paper resources
Envelopes (white) Christmas tree ornament
Envelopes (white) Easter Bunny collage
Eye dropper Cool School Tools
Eye dropper Painting
Fabric Clothespin Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Fabric Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Fabric Mask
Fabric scraps Illustrate a Word
Fabric Scarecrow
Fabric sample books Christmas Ornament 2000
Felt Box making
Felt Folk art figure
Felt scraps Illustrate a Word
Felt Christmas ornament
Felt Scarecrow
File folders Picture file
File folders Paper resources
File folders Mail Art
File folders Mail Art 2000
File folders Flat Stanley Project
File folders Postcard
Flyers Valentine
Foam board Box making
Foam board Flat Stanley Project
Foam board Journal
Foam board Mail Art
Foam board Painting
Foam board Rubber stamping
Foam board Cool School Tools
Foam board Painting
Foam board Illustrate a Word
Foil Artist Trading Cards
Food cans Painting
Gift wrap Mask
Gift wrap Artist Trading Cards
Gift Wrap Mail Art
Gift Wrap Journal
Gift Wrap Bookmark
Gift wrap Easter Bunny collage
Gift wrap Illustrate a Word
Gift wrap Butterfly mobile
Gift wrap Cool School Tools
Gift wrap Printmaking
Gift wrap Bookcraft
Greeting cards Origami box
Greeting cards Artist Trading Cards
Greeting cards Illustrate a Word
Greeting cards Paper resources
Greeting cards Bookmarks
Greeting cards Postcards
Grocery bag (brown) Easter Bunny collage
Grocery bags Illustrate a Word
Grocery bags Earth Day activity
Handkerchief Marbling
Illustration board Crayon etching
Illustration board Vacation collage
Junk mail Valentine
Junk mail Illustrate a Word
Junk mail envelopes Mail Art
Junk mail (glossy) Jewelry
Kenaf Alternative drawing material
Kenaf Drawing portraits
Kenaf Mail Art 2000
Kenaf Black History Month postage stamp
Latex house paint Dinosaur sculpture
Latex house paint Kite making
Latex house paint Box making
Latex house paint Painting
Litter America the Beautiful? Collage
Litter Dinosaur sculpture
Litter Dinosaur model
Litter Paper resources
Lumber Dinosaur sculpture
Magazine photos Picture file
Magazine photos Paper resources
Magazines Valentine
Magazines Journals
Magazines Illustrate a Word
Magazines Mail Art
Magazines Picture file
Magazines Bookcraft
Magazines Jewelry
Maps Paper resources
Maps Vacation collage
Margarine tubs Box making
Margarine tubs Cool School Tools
Margarine tubs Rain stick
Mat board Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Mat board Artist Trading Cards
Mat board Illustrate a Word
Mat board Journal
Mat board Papier mache tray
Mat board Bookcraft
Mat board Box making
Mat board Rubber stamping
Mat board Cool School Tools
Mat board Crayon etching
Mat board Bookcraft
Mat board Abstract sculpture
Mat board Vacation collage
Medicine dropper Painting
Metal cans Luminary
Mustard dispenser Painting
Napkins Vacation collage
Newspaper Dinosaur sculpture
Newspaper Wrapping paper and containers
Newspaper Dinosaur model
Newspaper Papier mache tray
Newspaper Papier mache bowl
Newspaper Papier mache
Newspaper Bookcraft
Newspaper Paper resources
Newspapers Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Newspapers Picture file
Newspapers Kite making
Newspapers Box making
Newspapers Cool School Tools
Newspapers Marbling
Newspapers Landfill Model (Trash Pizza)
Newspapers Illustrate a Word
Newsprint end rolls Wrapping paper and containers
Newsprint end rolls Drawing
Newsprint end rolls Rubber stamping
Newsprint end rolls Paper resources
Oatmeal box Wrapping paper and containers
Old clothes Scarecrow
Paper Drawing historic architecture
Paper Drawing
Paper Kite making
Paper Butterfly mobile
Paper Drawing
Paper Paper resources
Paper Rubber stamping
Paper Crayon etching
Paper Rain stick
Paper Painting
Paper Earth Day Activity
Paper Luminary
Paper (adhesive backed) Rubber stamping
Paper (computer printouts) Wrapping paper and containers
Paper (Computer printouts) Papier mache
Paper (decorative) Bookcraft
Paper (glossy) Rubber stamping
Paper (plain) Bookcraft
Paper (white) Easter Bunny collage
Paper milk carton Plaster sculpture
Paper scraps Wrapping paper and containers
Paper scraps Illustrate a Word
Phone book Cool School Tools
Picture frame mats Painting
Picture frame mats Rubber stamping
Picture frame mats Crayon etching
Picture frame mats Bookcraft
Picture frame mats Painting
Picture frames Papier mache tray
Picture frames Cool School Tools
Ping Pong Ball Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Plastic berry baskets Rain stick
Plastic (white) Artist Trading Cards
Plastic bleach bottle Designing and inventing
Plastic container Plaster sculpture
Plastic scrap Illustrate a Word
Plastic container Landfill Model (Trash Pizza)
Plastic detergent bottle Painting
Plastic dry cleaning bag Kite making
Plastic glue bottle Painting
Plastic lids Cool School Tools
Plastic pill bottles Marbling
Plastic Soda Pop Bottles Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Plastic Soda Pop Bottles Mail Art
Plastic Soda Straws Freedom Bracelet
Polystyrene cup Plaster sculpture
Polystyrene peanuts Christmas tree ornament
Polystyrene tray Mail Art
Polystyrene tray Illustrate a Word
Polystyrene tray Printmaking
Polystyrene Christmas Ornament 2000
Postage Stamps (canceled) Flat Stanley Project
Postage Stamps (canceled) Artist Trading Cards
Post cards Vacation collage
Posterboard Rain stick
Posterboard Butterfly mobile
Posterboard Paper resources
Practice Golf Ball Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Preconsumer waste paper Wrapping paper and containers
Preconsumer waste paper Drawing portraits
Rags Scarecrow
Recycled paper Mail Art
Recycled paper Drawing historic architecture
Recycled paper Black History Month postage stamp
Recycled paper Flat Stanley Project
Recycled paper Journal
Recycled paper Bookmark
Recycled paper Travel Stickers
Ribbon Christmas tree ornament
Ribbon Artist Trading Cards
Ribbon Illustrate a Word
Ribbon Christmas Ornament 2000
Road Maps Journal
Roll on deodorant bottle Painting
Rubber bands Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Rubber bands Papier mache tray
Rubber bands Flat Stanley Project
Rubber bands Journal
Rubber bands Tie and dye
Rubber bands Marbling
Rubber bands Rain stick
Rubber bands Bubble wand
Rubber bands Luminary
Rubber bands Landfill Model (Trash Pizza)
Sacks (decorative) Bookcraft
Sacks (decorative) Artist Trading Cards
Sacks Mail Art
Scrap paper Wrapping paper and containers
Scrap paper Flat Stanley Project
Scrap paper Journal
Scrap paper Bookmark
Scrap paper Travel Stickers
Shredded paper Wrapping paper and containers
Silk flowers Christmas Ornament 2000
Slide holders Cool School Tools
Soda cans Can characters
Soda straw wrappers Vacation collage
Soda straws Cool School Tools
Soda straws Bubble wand
Soda straws Weaving
Sponges Cool School Tools
String Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
String Clothespin Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
String Wrapping paper and containers
String Painting
String Illustrate a Word
String Cool School Tools
String Marbling
String Jewelry
Sugar packets Vacation collage
T shirt Tie and dye
Tablet back Drawing historic architecture
Tablet backs Drawing
Tea bag box Wrapping paper and containers
Telephone Book Scarecrow
Telephone wire Can characters
Telephone wire Bubble wand
Telephone wire Abstract sculpture
Telephone wire Scarecrow
Tickets Paper resources
Tickets Vacation collage
Tissue Rain stick
Tissue box Valentine box
Tissue gift wrap Butterfly mobile
Tissue gift wrap Papier mache
Tissue gift wrap Painting
Tissue gift wrap Journal
Tissue paper Clothespin Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Tissue paper Christmas tree ornament
Toothbrush Cool School Tools
Toothbrush Wrapping paper and containers
Trash America the Beautiful? collage
Trash Dinosaur sculpture
Trash Dinosaur model
Trash  Landfill Model (Trash Pizza)
Turkey baster Painting
Twigs Folk art figure
Twigs Christmas tree ornament
Twigs Papier mache bowl
Twigs Christmas tree ornament
Wallpaper Wrapping paper and containers
Wallpaper Easter Bunny collage
Wallpaper Rubber stamping
Wallpaper Cool School Tools
Wallpaper Christmas tree ornament
Wallpaper Printmaking
Wallpaper Bookcraft
Wallpaper Mail Art
Wallpaper Paper resources
Wallpaper samples Journal
Wallpaper samples Artist Trading Cards
Wallpaper scraps Illustrate a Word
Wallpaper sample books Christmas Ornament 2000
Wallpaper sample book covers Cool School Tools
White latex house paint Cool School Tools
White tissue gift wrap Cast paper valentine
Wire Dinosaur model
Wire Artist Trading Cards
Wire Illustrate a Word
Wire (telephone) Bubble wand
Wire coat hanger Bubble wand
Wood Butterfly mobile
Wood Folk art figure
Wood Scarecrow
Wooden Ice Cream Spoons Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Wood scraps Butterfly mobile
Wood scraps Folk art figure
Yarn Freedom Bracelet
Yarn Artist Trading Cards
Yarn Illustrate a Word
Yarn Firefighter Angel (Christmas Tree Ornament)
Yarn Can characters
Yarn Mask
Yarn Christmas tree ornament
Yarn Weaving
Yarn Scarecrow
Yarn Flat Stanley Project

Visit the America Recycles Day Web site to learn about special activities in your area and how you can help save natural resources and energy by recycling. While you're there, enter the America Recycles Day Contest. You may be the lucky winner of a great prize!

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