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click to enlarge imageThere are many types of waste paper that can be reused to make bookmarks, and including one in Flat Stanley's Time Capsule will be a nice “flat gift” for his host.

You Will Need:

How to:

click to enlargeChoose the type of paper you wish to use for your bookmark, and cut it and the card stock so they each measure about 2” x 5”. Glue the paper onto the card stock, and have an adult trim the bookmark so that the sides are square. If you prefer, draw designs on scrap paper using one of the techniques described in Ways to Decorate Flat Stanley. As before, glue the paper to the card stock, and trim.

Tips and Tricks:

If you don't have access to a paper cutter, have an adult cut the cardboard using a utility knife in combination with a triangle, T-square, or ruler to keep the corners square.

click to enlarge imageReuse the plain side of old greeting cards for the card stock, or look for lightweight cardboard at gift shops. When the clerks restock greeting cards, they usually throw the old cardboard away, and sometimes you can find beautiful colors, especially around the holidays.

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The Flat Stanley Project  

Thanks to Dale Hubert, creator and moderator of the Flat Stanley Project, for providing general information about the book, how the activity works, and for giving us permission to use the project in this art/reuse activity.

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Volume 19 No. 2

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