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Collecting postcards is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and the cards are inexpensive souvenirs of trips. You can create a souvenir postcard to send with Flat Stanley as he begins his journey to another city, state, or country. Maybe you can draw a picture of your house or something that's very special about the area in which you live.

You Will Need:

How to:

Have an adult cut the file folder or cardstock no larger than 4.25” x 5” so that it will fit into Stanley's Travel Capsule. Draw the picture with a pencil, and then go over the lines with the fine marker. Erase pencil marks, and color with the art material of your choice. On the back, write a message about your Flat Stanley or something about the subject on your postcard.

Tips and Tricks:

 click to enlarge  Another way to create the card is to use watercolors or make a collage using magazine pictures, letters, and decorative paper.

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The Flat Stanley Project  

Thanks to Dale Hubert, creator and moderator of the Flat Stanley Project, for providing general information about the book, how the activity works, and for giving us permission to use the project in this art/reuse activity.

© 2007 Marilyn J. Brackney

Volume 20 No. 1

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