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Trash a Pizza! Make A Garden Goddess
The Flat Stanley Project Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament
Create a Firefighter Angel Fold Origami Boxes
Papier Mache (Pulp Method) Valentine Character Mailbox
Make a Papier Mache Bowl  Go Fly a Kite!
Junk Mail Jewelry  Fold an Accordion Book
Make an Uncle Sam Folk Art Figure Make a Tray for Mother's Day
Shred a Scarecrow  Make a Treasure Box
Cast a Paper Valentine Make A Rain Stick for Earth Day
 Make a Birdhouse Christmas Ornament  Wrap it Up for Chanukah!
Cover A Picture Frame Mat Knot A Bubble Wand
Shrink Some Plastic What Can a Can Be Besides a Can
Colored Glue newletter activity Christmas in July Decorations newsletter activity
Design a Hawaiian Quilt Block Sawdust Clay
Illustrate a Word Artist Trading Cards
No Dye Tie Dye T-shirt Play Catch
Fold a Gift Box Scoop a Ball
Create a Snow Globe Build a Rod Puppet
Make a Candy Box Guitar Create a Folk Art Doll
Make Maracas Create a Photo Frame
Tell a Tale with a Tangram Make a Mancala Game
Make a Pop Art Book Make a Book Safe
String a Lei Design a Miniature Float
Make a Percussion Instrument Have A Green Christmas
Recycle Old Crayons Dryer Lint Clay
Take It Apart; Put It Together!  

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