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After creating our Flat Stanleys, my students and I decided to take them to kidscommons, a children's museum that's located in our downtown. There are many interesting exhibits and fun things to do there, so we thought visiting the museum was a perfect place to take our flat friends on an adventure.

Alexandria, Christopher, Emily, Erin, Ethan, and Jayden enjoyed showing their paper pals around the museum. We had fun drawing pictures in the art studio. We played on the Climbing Wall, experimented with different ways to blow bubbles, and we visited Our House to see how children live in Japan. Some of us showed Flat Stanley how to play chess on a giant board.

We and our Flat Stanleys had the most fun in ExploraHouse. This new exhibit, which opened in November, 2006, showed us the inner workings of a house, and we discovered a lot about how such structures are built. We climbed up stairs to the attic and roof, and we crawled through pipes. Some of us even entered a giant toilet and climbed down the drainpipe!

Emily at Our House Japan

Ethan draws designs

Jayden makes art

Erin draws a kitty

Seann, kids and Flat Stanleys in the Art Yard

Emily entering the giant toilet

Ethan, Jayden, and Chris in the bubble exhibit

Chris, Jayden, and Ethan blow bubbles

Ethan and Chris watch their Stanleys climb

Jayden and Ethan tell Stanley to hang on

Chris with Stanley at the Climbing Wall

Ethan watches Stanley climb

Ethan and Stanley play chess

Alexandria helps Stanley skateboard

Jayden and Chris play at the Air Fountain

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Thanks to Dale Hubert, creator and moderator of the Flat Stanley Project www.flatstanleyproject.com, for providing general information about the book, how the activity works, and for giving us permission to use the project in this art/reuse activity.

© 2007 Marilyn J. Brackney

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