The Art of Reuse

Held in Celebration of Earth Day

Deja Vu Poster 2010Another Earth Day has come and gone, and the Columbus Area Arts Council once again sponsored a show featuring artists who creatively reuse and recycle materials to create their work.

Fourteen, central Indiana artists displayed a variety of art and fine crafts, which included assemblage, metal, sculpture, leatherwork, mixed media, fiber arts, and weaving. All the work was created from scrap materials or made of repurposed items.

Metal sculptor Nick McGill displayed a unique piece made from old machine parts, and Martina Celerin showed her spectacular, three-dimensional weavings. Anita Hopper displayed a gorgeous handbag created from repurposed, leather coats and upholstery.

The husband and wife team of Larry and Marilyn Brackney showed found art figures, while their daughter Susan displayed a mixed media piece created using printmaking and collage.

Wood turners Bill Griffith and Chad Shock created beautiful bowls from found wood, and Sophie Miller made good use of old clothing to create an architectural stitchery.

Cappi Phillips showed a humorous interpretation of a fish covered in found objects, while Jan Wantz recovered ordinary dryer lint to create a beautiful, miniature quilt.

Chris Gustin turned mill end scrap yarn into a beautiful throw rug, and Tim Carter-East pounded flowers and leaves and combined the print with collage to create his work.

The Art of Reuse was a good preview of an upcoming show to be held on November 19th in downtown Columbus. Fifty professional artists who repurpose materials will show their work in Déjà vu Art and Fine Craft Show.

To learn more about some of the participating artists, we’ve linked to their Web sites.

Tim Carter-East:
Martina Celerin:
Chris Gustin:
Anita Hopper:
Nick McGill:
Cappi Phillips:

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Fish Carriage by Cappi PhillipsLint quilt by Jan Wantz

Garden Guard face by Larry BrackneyArt Doll by Marilyn Brackney Bunny sculpture by Linda Peterson

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For those of you who live in the southern hemisphere, you’re probably seeing the beautiful colors of fall now. But after a long, hard winter, we, who live in the north, are happily enjoying green grass and spring flowers once again. Welcome, spring!

People in some parts of the world celebrated another Earth Day on April 22, and this month, many of you will observe World Environment Day and Week. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Make Everyday Earth Day,” and we encourage you to think about WED in the same way.

In this issue of The Re-Source, we’ll tell you about a wonderful art show featuring work created from scrap materials and repurposed items. No bleach bottle pigs or macaroni necklaces here! Be prepared to see professional work made by artists who do strive to “make everyday Earth Day.”

We’ll tell you about an international initiative to encourage citizens of the Earth to pick up at least one piece of trash during a specific 24-hour period, and we’ll link you to Web sites with Earth Day themes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with World Environment Day, we’ll introduce you to this important work sponsored by the United Nations. Finally, we’ll link you to an environmentally friendly product and a children’s art contest that offers some outstanding prizes.

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by Marilyn J. Brackney

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Pick Up One Piece of Trash

trash pick up

Although this international campaign is set to take place on Monday, June 6th from midnight to the next day at midnight, why not make this a daily habit instead of a one-day event?

The basic idea is for each of the 7,000,000,000+ people living on Earth to pick up one piece of trash on this day. Just imagine how much cleaner the environment will be if we each pick up something every day. Better yet, if the item is glass, plastic, or cardboard, recycle it!

New Delhi Hosts World Environment Day on June 5th

earth imageWhile most of us are familiar with Earth Day, which is held each year on April 22, we may know less about World Environment Day. Sponsored by the United Nations General Assembly, the day is set aside to stimulate awareness of the environment and to enhance political attention and public action.

June 5th was chosen as WED because it was the date that the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began. Held since 1972, the day is hosted each year by a different city with a different theme.

This year's host is New Delhi, India, and the theme is Forests: Nature at your Service. An international exposition will also be held during the week of June 5th. For more information about World Environment Day 2011, click here.