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The following table contains a series of puzzles or activities that can be printed off for use in a variety of settings. Where appropriate you will also find a solution page that you can print off to check the answers. Clicking on the underlined link will take you to the selected activity page.

Recycle These! Located outside of the city, a landfill is a place where trash is taken for disposal. This activity uses words associated with a discussion of landfills found at The Imagination Factory's Education Department.
Trashasaurus Word Search This puzzle is made of words that represent some of the hundreds of items that were glued to the outside of the solid waste sculpture, Trashasaurus Rex. answers
Solid Waste Word Match The following terms are used at The Imagination Factory to discuss solid waste. Draw a line from the word on the left to match its correct definition on the right. answers


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Volume 18 No. 2

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