Dancers with IpuThe hula is the native dance of Hawai'i. A form of storytelling that's set to music, it was introduced by Polynesians, the original settlers of Hawai'i. The dance, which also features hand movements, is accompanied by a chant, and sometimes the song is complemented by rattles (ipu), drums, and hand sticks (käla`au).

In addition to the rattles made of empty containers described elsewhere, you can reuse other items to make drums and sticks. Save oatmeal cartons or other empty, cylindrical containers to make drums. Cover them with kapa designs created from grocery bags.

Hawaiian DancersVisit lumber yards to ask for scrap dowel rods to make hand sticks. You'll need two pieces that are at least eight inches long, and those that are two-inches in diameter will be ideal. The following sites will help you to learn more about Hawaiian music and hula.

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