Permission is granted to print and use this puzzle for educational purposes. Draw a line matching the words or name in the left column with the correct answer on the right side. Answer Page Link
Extinct volcanic crater on O'ahu 

First to successfully can pineapple 

Last and only female ruler of Hawai'i 

First ruler of Hawai'i 

December 7, 1941 

Honolulu museum of Hawaiiana 

Founded Moloka'i leper colony 

August 21, 1959 

Discoverer of Hawai'i 

Only royal residence in the U.S. 

First settlers of Hawai'i 

Goddess of Volcanoes 

50th state in the United States 

Memorial in Pearl Harbor 

Site of a national cemetery 

Active volcano located on Hawai'i 

 Grand Canyon of the Pacific  

Where astronauts trained for moon landing 

Hawai'i's state capital