Solid Waste Word Match!

The following terms are used at The Imagination Factory to discuss solid waste. Draw a line from the word on the left to match its correct definition on the right.

trash A natural gas that is breathed by animals and humans
garbage   Final placement or destruction of waste materials
landfill   Dry, useless material that is thrown away
waste   Water vapor
plastic   Food waste
groundwater   Gound material that includes vegetation, soils, sand, grass, gravel, and oyster shells
soil   Process of making the air, soil or water unclean
decompose   A place in or on land where waste is deposited
pollute   Fresh or saline water found beneath the Earth's surface
oxygen   To rot or decay
moisture   A man-made material composed of polymers
environment   Unwanted materials that have been used by the consumer
disposal   Unwanted materials left over from manufacturing or use by humans or animals
contaminate   To use less of something in order to save natural resources
reduce   Water, air, and land and their interrelationship with all living things
reuse   All land, air, water, wildlife, and similar resources
recycle    The power to do work
energy   To pollute or make something impure
natural resources  To make new products from old ones in order to save natural resources
preconsumer waste    To use something again in order to save natural resources
postconsumer waste   Unwanted materials left over from manufacturing

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